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Medical References for the Doctor on the Go
and the Home of the Series


Doctors without Borders
during the
War in Monrovia


Patients hiding from shelling in the MSF hospital in Mamba Point

Media Work


The house-turned-hospital in Mamba Point and the outpatient clinic in the field nextdoor

Bathing a child for fever from malaria in Bong county

A Selection of Photos

(Click photos for
larger images)

Severe malnutrition resulting from lack of food during fighting in Monrovia

Clinic waiting area in Bong county.  The five physician assistants saw about 400 patients a day.

Diagnosing meningitis by inspecting the
spinal fluid for cloudiness

The tent housing more than fifty malnourished children in our therapeutic feeding center (TFC) in Monrovia immediately after the war.

The pediatric ICU: Three children sharing oxygen from our only oxygen extractor.  The child in the foreground has an intraosseous line for emergency intravenous access.


Click her for more information about
Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors without Borders'
work in Liberia

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