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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


If you've reviewed the FAQ's and you're question hasn't been answered or your problem hasn't been resolved, contact us here.


Most Frequently Asked FAQ's

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Problems Getting Started with MeisterMed Applications



It's asking me to re-enter the registration code each time.

You should be able to get rid of this problem by doing the following:

  • In iSilo's document list view (when seeing all your iSilo references such as when you click the X in the lower left hand corner of ICDMeister), click the iSilo label at the top of the screen.

  • Select Options then Document List.

  • For Settings, increase the value to 500K then click OK.

Once doing this you should no longer be asked to re-enter the registration code. If this doesn't resolve the issue, please contact us for additional assistance.

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I can't find my newly installed Meister reference (or other iSilo document)

The document list view in iSilo is the one showing your list of iSilo documents.  You see the document list view after closing any open iSilo document by clicking the X in the top right corner.  Most iSilo users use the Most Recent tab view on iSilo's document list view.  This shows only the most recently accessed iSilo documents and won't show a newly installed file.  Click on the middle tab that looks like a file cabinet and set the drop-down arrow at the top of the screen to [All] to show a list of all your iSilo documents regardless of where they're located or when you last accessed them.  On this view, you should see your newly installed iSilo document.  If you still don't see it, try to re-install the file.  If still no luck, contact us for additional assistance.

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The Meister files all have the .pdb (Palm OS document) extension but I want to use them on a PocketPC PDA.  How can I do this?

PocketPC users can access .pdb files if they have iSilo installed on their PocketPC PDA.  All MeisterMed releases and other iSilo documents are available for PocketPC PDA users.  Click here to visit our comprehensive tutorial detailing how to get started.

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When I try to use my Meister product, I get the following message from iSilo: "To open this document you need to upgrade to the latest version."  What do I do?

Some Meister products require iSilo version 4.1 or later.  You can download the most recent version of iSilo from http://www.isilo.com/download/index.htmIt's a free upgrade from iSilo version 4.0 or later and the same registration code you have from version 4.0 should work to register version 4.3 or later.  Please note that upgrading to iSilo version 4.0 from iSilo 3.x does require an upgrade fee from iSilo but you can get an update discount here.  Please contact us if you have any problems with this.

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The files I download from MeisterMed are .zip files.  When I try to install them on my Palm I get a message saying they're not compatible.  What should I do?

The MeisterMed applications and most PDA programs/applications available for download from the Internet are packaged in the .zip format.  The .zip format makes the file smaller (for faster downloading) and also allows for many separate files to be packed together as one (for example, MeisterMed .zip files typically include the MeisterMed application and a Read Me file).

Zip files need to be unzipped using a zip utility program.  Mac users will want to download the free Stuffit Expander for this.  Windows/PC users will want to download either Stuffit Expander or the free trial version of WinZip.  Once you've installed the Unzip program, all files in the .zip format should have a new icon.  Double clicking the icon should start your zip utility program and show you how to access the files packed within the .zip file.

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I've installed the Meister application on my PDA but there is no icon and I can't figure out how to access it.  What's going on and how do I fix it?

All of the Meister applications are designed for viewing within the iSilo document reader.  If you have already installed iSilo you should see the iSilo icon on your PDA as seen here:
If you see the iSilo icon, click on it and you'll see the Meister applications listed within iSilo as seen here: 
If you don't see the iSilo icon, you need to install iSilo.  If you don't already have iSilo, click here to download the free trial version from iSilo's website.  If you do have iSilo on your PDA but don't see the Meister application listed when you open iSilo, you may need to install a up-to-date version of iSilo.  Just download it with the above link and install it on your PDA.  If you've purchased iSilo, you may need to re-enter your registration code.  If you've lost this code, you can get it sent to you by contacting iSilo.

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When I try to double click the MeisterMed file to install it on my PDA I get the message that the file isn't compatible with PrintShop.  What's going on and how do I fix it?

Your computer knows what to do with a file by looking at its extension. Web pages end in .htm and .html and images often end in .gif or .jpg. Files ending in .pdb and .prc are files that are recognized as being able to be installed on your Palm OS PDA. Unfortunately, some programs try to use the same extensions and incompatibilities arise. The program PrintShop also uses the .pdb to identify files that the program wants to associate with PrintShop.  

To fix this so you can easily install your Palm applications, right click with your mouse on the file that is giving this error.  Choose "Open With" from the menu that pops up and then "Choose Program."  Select the "Install Tool Application" as seen in the image to the right.  This should fix the problem for your PDA although it may cause problems with your PrintShop program.

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When I open iSilo, I see some of my older iSilo documents but DermMeister and some others are missing.  What's going on?

Most iSilo documents that have been created recently are not readable with versions of iSilo earlier than version 3.0.  The newer document creation tool has many advantages to the older tool including the ability to include color, tables, and clearer images in the iSilo document.  Download the most recent version of iSilo from the iSilo website (click here), install it on your PDA and you should see ALL of your iSilo documents (both the old and the new).  If you need to update to iSilo 4.x, you can get a discount at this link.

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When I open the Meister application in iSilo, the hyperlinks don't work.  Am I doing something wrong?

There are three possibilities.  One possibility is that you have a version of iSilo called iSiloFree which has hyperlink functionality disabled.  Another possibility is that you've been using the Trial version of iSilo and your 30 day trial period has ended.  When this happens, iSilo Trial reverts to iSiloFree (no hyperlinks).  A third and final possibility is that you've been using the registered version of iSilo 3.x and recently installed iSilo 4.x on top of it.  iSilo 4.x requires an upgrade fee from iSilo ($9.99) and a new registration code.   So what to do now? 

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I misplaced the registration code for my Meister product and now I can't use the product.  Help!

MeisterMed's commercial products require a registration code to activate the registered version.  This code is provided to purchasers at the time the sale is completed (on the product download screen) and in the e-mail sent confirming the order.  If you've lost or misplaced your registration code, contact us so we can resend it to you.

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Other Problems

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I've been using my Meister applications all the time but my PDA just crashed and I lost them all.  Can you resend them?

Even if you've lost your MeisterMed applications from your PDA, there is probably still a backup available on your computer.    
For Palm OS PDA users     For PocketPC PDA users

For Palm OS PDA Users

Whenever you install an application to your Palm OS PDA in the typical fashion (clicking on the file to activate the Palm Install Tool then doing a HotSync), a backup copy is saved in a folder called Backup.  You can usually find this folder by doing the following: 

  • Open (by double clicking) My Computer

  • Open your primary hard drive (almost always the C: drive)

  • Open the folder named "Palm"

  • Here you'll see a folder named with the first six letters of your Palm UserID (ie. if your user ID is joesmith the folder would be named joesmi)

  • Open this folder and you should see the folder "Backup".

  • Within you should find copies of all the files you'd previously installed on your PDA.

  • If you don't find the files in the Backup folder, look in the folder named "Archive" and the files may be there.

If you can't find the Backup or Archive folders by following the above directions, use your computers search function to search for a folder named "Backup" (no quotes).  Still no luck?

For PocketPC PDA users

Your iSilo files should still be in your PocketPC_My Documents folder.  This folder is often found on your computer's desktop.  If not, you'll find it within your My Documents folder.  PocketPC PDA's usually do a good job of automatically reinstalling software after a crash and a reset.  Still no luck?


Still no luck?

If despite your efforts you can't find the folders or the PDA files, you can re-download the MeisterMed files from this website.  You'll need to re-register to download the full version of LyteMeister.  

If you've lost your copy of the registered/purchased version of ICDMeister, NCDMeister or CPTMeister, contact us so we can resend you the file and/or the registration code.

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I'm a registered user of LyteMeister.  My friend (also a registered user) recently received an e-mail announcing your new release of the STD 2006.  Why didn't I get a notification e-mail?

A number of the e-mails we send to members of our mailing list are returned as undeliverable.  There are many possible causes.  The e-mail address submitted with your registration may be incorrect (either through your fault or ours).  Many users change their e-mail address and forget to notify us.  Your mailbox could be full.  Your e-mail server may have misinterpreted the e-mail from MeisterMed as spam and blocked it or placed it in a Spam folder.  The server hosting your e-mail may have been experiencing problems at the time.  Regardless of the cause, we want you to receive the information we send you with our rare e-mailings.  Please re-register for the mailing list by clicking here.  Consider using a different e-mail address if you haven't received our e-mailings at your current address.

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I'm having problems searching for words in my Meister applications.  I searched for pneumonia in ICDMeister.  I know it's in there but the seach results came up empty.  What's going on?

Searching within any of the Meister applications works best when using the proper settings on iSilo's Find screen.

For best results make sure the following are set:

  • Match Case: unchecked
  • Entire Document: checked
  • Range: Top to Bottom

If you haven't seen it yet, check out our ICDMeister demonstration video which shows you all the ways to find ICD-9 codes in ICDMeister.

For best results with searching,
your settings should match
those shown above

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Specific Questions About LyteMeister, ICDMeister and Other Applications




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I'm a doctor working in Australia and I use LyteMeister all the time.  Would it be possible to include SI units for the lab value reference ranges?

We plan to include SI units in the next update of LyteMeister.

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Why do you require users to register to get the full version of LyteMeister?

While to date LyteMeister has been free of errors, if a clinically significant error is detected we want to make sure we can notify you promptly to ensure you will always have the best and most up-to-date version of LyteMeister.

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Does the registration/purchase of the Meister products include free updates?

Yes and no.  Registration of ICDMeister, CPTMeister, and NCDMeister include free updates for all editions based on the current year's ICD-9-CM or CPT codes.  To clarify, if you register in March 2006, for example, you'll get all updates based on the 2006 ICD-9 or CPT codes for free.  Updates for the editions based on the following code year are available at a discount.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our update policy.

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When I start ICDMeister or return to the beginning I see a brief flash.  What's going on?

ICDMeister has improved its appearance by taking advantage of iSilo's ability to use table formatting.  The flash is seen when older versions of iSilo pause to interpret and apply the table formatting to the page.  This flash can be eliminated by downloading a more recent version (3.35 or later) of the iSilo program to your PDA.

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How accurate is the information in MeisterMed applications?

Very accurate.  In creating a MeisterMed application the author meticulously checks references and reviews the application thoroughly before it is published.  In addition, we actively encourage our users to submit any mistakes they may find.  Our network of thousands of users and their feedback is one excellent way of maintaining quality.  With the release of PapMeister in March 2004, MeisterMed instituted a peer-review process as a further step to ensure clinical accuracy.  If you are interested in becoming a Peer Reviewer for MeisterMed, please see details here.

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Creating Your Own Hyperlinked Documents

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I'm interested in trying to make some of my own hyperlinked documents for the PDA.  How should I get started?

There's a tremendous need for the development of more medical references for use with a PDA.  To get started, we have two similar resources.  The first is an online tutorial explaining the transformation of a Word document into a hyperlinked PDA document.  Check it out here.  The second is a PowerPoint presentation covering similar information but with a little more background.  It is best viewed with a high-speed internet connection.  Check it out by clicking here.  

After reading through these, please feel free to contact us with any questions or problems you may be encountering.  We are actively helping a number of authors who are currently developing their own hyperlinked documents and would be glad help you too.  When you're done, make sure to let us know so we can add your document to the Medical iSilo Depot.

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If you teach people how to make their own Meister-style references aren't you going to put yourself out of business?

Maybe.  MeisterMed was started when the author discovered that all of the medical information needed on his PDA wasn't available or easy to access.  The need for new medical references is huge and far exceeds the capacity of MeisterMed to develop.  It's truly tragic that medical mistakes are being made all the time because medical references are inaccessible at the point-of-care where they are needed.  The primary goal of MeisterMed is to help health care providers provide better patient care both through the applications we develop and those we help others develop.

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About MeisterMed

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Someone told me that MeisterMed used to be called FPPalm.com.  Why did you change your name?

In brief, we changed our name for three reasons:

  • to avoid a trademark infringement lawsuit from Palm, Inc for the use of Palm in our name

  • to broaden our market from family physicians (FPs) to all health care providers

  • to broaden our market from Palm OS PDAs to all medical PDA users.

More details are available by clicking here.

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Wouldn't it be more accurate to refer to MeisterMed releases as "documents" rather than "programs" or "applications"?

MeisterMed applications are not stand-alone programs.  They are documents or e-books written for viewing in the iSilo document reader.  The term "document," however, fails to adequately represent the power and functionality of a complex and thoroughly hyperlinked reference.  "Application" is a general term that means "software that executes a specific task" and it applies well to MeisterMed's e-books.  Purists may disagree.  In common parlance, many people refer to anything that installs onto a computer as a program.

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The MeisterMed applications I'm using are awesome!  I may be sorry for asking this but why aren't you charging money for them?

Currently almost all of MeisterMed's clinical references (all except STD 2006) are Freeware.  We are charge registration fees for our administrative/coding references to support the costs of developing new references and maintaining MeisterMed.  Our overall goal is to help health care providers provide better patient care and making freeware available helps get these applications into as many hands as possible.

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Who is behind MeisterMed?

MeisterMed was created in March 2001 by Dr. Andrew Schechtman, M.D., a board-certified family physician.  He completed his undergraduate education at the University of California at Berkeley and medical school at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).  He trained in Family Practice at Merrithew Memorial Hospital (now called Contra Costa Regional Medical Center) a family practice-run, county hospital in Martinez, California.  He also completed additional training in Clinical Tropical Medicine and Traveler's Health at Tulane University in New Orleans.

Since training, Dr. Schechtman has worked in a number of settings.  He practiced as a solo-practitioner in suburban New Orleans and has staffed emergency rooms in rural Louisiana.  He has also served in locum tenens assignments with the Indian Health Service in the Dakotas and has volunteered with Doctors without Borders projects in Guatemala, Uganda, and Liberia.  He has been a clinical faculty member of the Family Practice Residency program at Ochsner Clinic Foundation in New Orleans, serving as Assistant Program Director for two years and the Acting Program Director for one year until mid-2002.  Currently, Dr. Schechtman is a member of the core faculty of San Jose-O'Connor Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program.

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Why was MeisterMed created?  What is its mission?

MeisterMed was created when MeisterMed's owner simultaneously discovered how handy PDA's were and how little medical reference information was readily available.  He started by creating CodeMeister when he saw how limited the coding accuracy was when he chose a code from a one page "superbill" and it was then translated by a medical assistant with little coding knowledge.  He developed CodeMeister to ease his own clinical practice and shared it with others when he realized how helpful it was.

Since CodeMeister, he's gone on to create a number of medical references with the goal of helping medical students, physicians, and other health care providers access medical reference information in an easy-to-use format at the point of care.  

CodeMeister was changed from freeware to shareware in August 2001 to help support the expense of running MeisterMed.  Now, all of MeisterMed's coding references are commercial products.  Doing this has allowed us to keep almost all of our clinical products as freeware.  We have a number of new clinical references currently in development.

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I've noticed that MeisterMed has been a supporter of Doctors without Borders.  What is the affiliation?

MeisterMed's owner is an active member of Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors without Borders (MSF) and has done volunteer work with MSF in Guatemala, Uganda, and Liberia.  In its first years of existence, MeisterMed contributed a portion of all revenue to Doctors without Borders.  In mid-2002, we decided to continue supporting MSF/Doctors without Borders in other ways.  For instance, in mid-2002, Dr. Schechtman, the founder of MeisterMed, left for a year of volunteer work with MSF/Doctors without Borders in Liberia.  The revenue generated by MeisterMed has helped make extended periods of non-paying work like this feasible.  MeisterMed has periodically donated money to MSF but no longer donates a fixed portion of revenue.  Please note that the company MeisterMed has no formal relationship with MSF/Doctors without Borders and is not officially affiliated with nor endorsed by this organization.

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Will I get a lot of spam if I register with MeisterMed?

No, you won't.  We don't share or sell your e-mail address. You will only receive an occasional e-mail from us here at MeisterMed to announce a new release or an update.  Our policy is to limit e-mail mailings to a maximum of once a month.  You can review our full privacy policy here.  If you have registered and don't wish to receive any e-mail from MeisterMed, you can send us an "unsubscribe" e-mail by clicking here.  Please note that you will not have access to MeisterMed updates if you unsubscribe.

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* CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association

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