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Medical References for the Doctor on the Go
and the Home of the Series



Buying iSilo :
Multiple Copies or
Site Licenses

MeisterMed is authorized to sell iSilo™ when it is
bundled with the purchase of MeisterMed products and
the order is submitted with a purchase order.


Buy iSilo™ along with your MeisterMed products:

  • Choose the best type of iSilo license for your group

    • Pricing and requirements differ for site license purchases vs.
        volume purchase of single user licenses.

    • See the table below to help you choose

  • Send us a purchase order or contact us with details so we can prepare an estimate for you.


Choosing the iSilo license
that will best meet your needs

  Site License Multiple Single-User Licenses
(with Volume Discount)
PDAs Owned By Business/Organization Individuals or
Use of iSilo Business/Organization Use Only Unrestricted
Site Administrator Oversees adherence to site license requirements and manages installation Optional
(but recommended)
Customer Support Available for
Site Administrator
Individual users may
contact customer support
Pricing Slightly lower
(click here for details)
Slightly higher
(click here for details)
  Still not sure which is right for you?
Contact us for assistance.


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