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Medical References for the Doctor on the Go
and the Home of the Series



Why we changed our name from
FPPalm.com to MeisterMed?


A lot of thought went into the decision to change our name from FPPalm.com to MeisterMed.  Since our debut as FPPalm.com in March of 2001, many users have come to rely upon our free and easy-to-use medical references.  Some of the considerations that went into our name change are discussed below.

When we began, the name FPPalm.com was chosen to indicate our intention to focus on the needs of family physicians.  While family physicians have been and will remain the core of our user base, we've developed quite a following among other medical professionals as well.  Internists, medical sub-specialists, pediatricians, surgeons, and ob/gyns have signed on in ever-growing numbers as devoted users of the Meister series.  Medical students and residents from every specialty have also become loyal fans.  Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, EMT's, clinical pharmacists, and even a few veterinarians have also joined our ranks.  Our new name will better include all medical professionals and will help MeisterMed continue to reach an ever broader audience.

Another consideration in our name change originated with Palm, Inc.  Palm, Inc. has begun a campaign of threatening websites with the word "palm" in the domain with allegations of trademark violation.  Clearly, the implications of the word "palm" extend far beyond the realm of Palm, Inc.  Unfortunately, Palm, Inc. also owns the software download site, Palmgear.com and promised to remove all posted software that included unauthorized use of the word "Palm" in the title or listing.  MeisterMed does not accept Palm, Inc.'s assertion that FPPalm.com in any way violated their trademark.  Nevertheless, this was one of the considerations in the decision to change our name.  

Another advantage to eliminating the word "Palm" from our name will be to avoid confusion as we begin our expansion into compatibility with non-Palm OS devices such as the PocketPC.

Finally, in changing our name to MeisterMed, we've been able to capitalize on the wonderful reception the CodeMeister and LyteMeister have received since their releases less than six months ago.  These two references are frequently mentioned as must-have resources for medical Palm OS PDA users.  Their quality has been associated with the Meister name.  Now, it will be easy for our users to remember that MeisterMed is the home of the Meister series.

Please update your bookmarks and bear with us in the coming weeks as we iron out the last few glitches accompanying our name change.  We're working to ensure that under our new MeisterMed name we will continue to achieve our objective of exceeding your expectations.


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