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Peer Reviewers Needed


  • Why is MeisterMed seeking peer reviewers?
    MeisterMed's current library of medical references has been written and edited by an individual physician.  So far, abundant scrutiny, checking and double checking and being downright fanatical about attending to every detail has allowed the Meister applications to be essentially error free (at least none have been reported by our thousands of users so far).  Despite our success so far, we would like to elevate the Meister applications to an even higher level of excellence.  We believe that we can achieve this by instituting a peer review process to help assure the accuracy, quality, and relevance of the information contained in the Meister applications.

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  • Who is eligible to become a peer reviewer?
    We are seeking physicians who have completed training and are board-certified in their chosen field to become peer reviewers for MeisterMed.  Physicians with academic affiliations or teaching appointments are especially welcome.  Interested applicants with qualifications other than those mentioned above are encouraged to apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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  • What is involved in agreeing to become a peer reviewer for MeisterMed?
    There is no time commitment or obligation involved in agreeing to become a peer reviewer with MeisterMed.  Once you have been accepted as a peer reviewer, we will occasionally ask if you are interested in reviewing a portion of a Meister application.  If you agree, you will receive the application as an e-mail attachment.  We ask that our peer reviewers evaluate the section and submit a brief review within two weeks of receiving it.

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  • Are peer reviewers compensated for their participation?
    To help maintain the impartiality of the process, peer reviewers receive no monetary compensation for their participation.  The non-monetary rewards, however, are many.  Most importantly, peer reviewers will be helping to improve the quality of medical references that are used by thousands of physicians, residents, mid-level providers, nurses, and medical students and in doing so will be helping to improve the quality of medical care provided.  Peer reviewers will also be acknowledged by name within the applications they have reviewed.  Finally, peer reviewers will be entitled to receive a free copy of any application they have reviewed and will be eligible for special discounts on other commercial MeisterMed applications.

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  • How does one apply to become a peer reviewer?
    Compete the online form below.  We'll review your information and get back to you usually in less than one week.  We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy before submitting any personal information.  Please note that we reserve the right to verify any credentials submitted with the peer review application.

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Online Application for Peer Reviewers

Full Name (including degree):

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Academic Affiliation (if any, please describe):

Areas of Special Interest:


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