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Medical References for the Doctor on the Go
and the Home of the Series



for Dial-Up Connection

Click any image below to see a
full PDA screenshot


Find skin conditions alphabetically



The page for each condition contains thumbnail images.  Clicking them shows a full screen image.  See the Tinea Corporis image below.


You can also find a skin condition by category.
See below for Viral Conditions.




Click on the skin condition
to get to it's main page.


Click on the More Info link to see additional details on pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment.  See below.


One can also find a skin condition
by region.  See below.




Here's a list of all the conditions in DermMeister
that commonly occur on the trunk.


Photos with the magnifying glass icon have
close-ups.  Click the image to see the close-up
full screen (see image below).


Here's the Acne main page. 
Click the baby's face to see the image
(see it below).




Click again to see the close-up
(see it to the right).



Once again, click the photo
to see the close-up.


Labels on selected photos provide additional information or point out important features.


Step-by-step instructions for
selected procedures are included.
See an example to the right.




Like what you see?



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