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Four Different Ways
to Find a Code

Choose one of the following options
for a simple step-by-step guide
to finding the code for seborrheic keratosis:

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Alphabetical "Most Common Diagnoses" Lists

Every section in ICDMeister has a Most Common Diagnoses section that lists all of the most common (and many not-so-common) diagnoses within that subject.  Let's check it out.



So we're looking for seborrheic keratosis which would be in the Dermatology section.  You'd get there by clicking Derm from the ICDMeister home page.



Extra credit: Another way to get to a given section is by using the bookmarks. 

Click the Bookmark icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up the list of bookmarks.  Click the Derm bookmark to go from wherever you happen to be in ICDMeister directly to the Derm section.



Now we're at the Derm section of ICDMeister.  You can see that Most common diagnoses is the first thing on the list.  If you click the link it will take you to the Most Common Diagnoses page.




Here's the Most Common Derm Diagnoses page.  It is organized alphabetically and contains 140 of the Derm codes you're most likely to look for.

By clicking on the S link at the top it takes us to the section with S codes.


OK.  In the S section of Most Common Derm Diagnoses we see seborrheic keratosis listed.

You would just click on it to get the code.




And here are the code for seborrheic keratosis - one for inflamed SK's and one for others.

The four clicks it took you to get here took less than 3 seconds!


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Abbreviation and Shortcut Index

The Abbreviations and Shortcuts Index contains a list of more than 230 abbreviations and shortcuts that provide another way to quickly get to the code you need.  Let's check it out.


To fastest way to get to the Abbreviations and Shortcuts index, is to use a bookmark.

Click the Bookmark icon at the bottom of the page to bring up the list of bookmarks.



Choose the Abbreviations bookmark.



Now we're at the Abbreviations and Shortcuts section of ICDMeister.  We're looking for seborrheic keratosis now so we'll go to the S section by clicking this S link at the top of the page.



So here in the S section we see there are two different shortcuts for seborrheic keratosis - SK and sebK.  Click on either of those to get to the code.



Here's the code.  Again it only took you four clicks and a few seconds to get to your code.


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Search for Text

You can also find your codes by searching the entire contents of ICDMeister for a particular text string.  This is really useful.  Most searches take less than five seconds.


OK.  To start the Search process, we need to click the Find icon on the toolbar at the bottom of ICDMeister.


Clicking it has brought up the Find dialog box.  Now you enter any text string that will help you find what you're looking for.

Here we've entered sebo but we could also have entered abbreviations like sebK or SK.

Note: To make the Find function work the way you want it to, you need to make sure the parameters are set to Entire document and the Range is set to Top to Bottom as shown in the image to the right.



After clicking entering the text and tapping the Find button, the program pauses briefly and then displays the text it's found.  Here it actually found seborrheic dermatitis instead of seborrheic keratosis.  Luckily seborrheic keratosis is right there too. 

If it wasn't you'd want to click the Find Next icon on the toolbar to find the next occurence of sebo in ICDMeister.


It's best to use search strings that are as unique as possible.  If you search for a fairly ubiquitous string of text like ata, you'll find hundreds of occurences (which isn't so convenient).


So here we are again having found the code we were looking for in a matter of seconds.


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Browse by Category and Subcategory

Last but not least, you can find your code by browsing through the hierarchical structure of ICDMeister.  This is particularly useful for people who are very familiar with the organizational structure of the ICD-9-CM system (ie. if you're used to looking your codes up in books).



OK.  So once again we go to the Derm section.  Now we need to think a little about where seborrheic keratosis might be.  Through a process of exclusion - it's not an infection, it's not inflammatory, it's not a disease of nail or hair or sweat glands - we decide to look in Other disorders.


Here's the section we chose and again we need to use a bit of a process of elimination to choose where seborrheic keratosis is most likely to be hiding.  On this page, we would choose Other dermatoses.  


And here it is on the Other Dermatoses page, the code we were looking for.  As you might be able to imagine, browsing for codes becomes a lot eaier as you become more familiar with using ICDMeister.


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Now you've seen the four different ways for finding the ICD-9 code you want in ICDMeister.  Go ahead and give it a try.  Look for the last code you had difficulty finding on your superbill or the code that was on the last insurance claim that was rejected for an insufficient code.

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