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User Comments

"I started using ICDMeister several years ago after one of my front desk ladies coded myelodysplastic disorder for a patient with fibromyalgia!  It has been with me almost ever since. Not only has it improved my coding for the billing service, but has helped me with more accurate documentation in the medical record. As a hospitalist, I couldn't function this easily without it!"
Submitted by: L.B.W., Hospitalist, Charlotte, North Carolina

"I have used ICDMeister since its inception, and its predecessor CodeMeister for probably ten years. It has become integral to my medical practice. I have always felt the right code is worth the effort instead of settling for one "in the ball park." ICDMeister gives me the tool I need. The quality of the product and the service are top-notch."
Submitted by PWB, MD, Family Medicine, Dublin, Ohio

"I have loved ICDMeister since the first time I downloaded it onto my palm about 4-5 years ago. It makes coding the correct ICD a breeze. Thank you for a wonderful product."
Submitted by L.W., Family Medicine, Roanoke Rapids, NC

"If you’re like me, you need codes and you need them quick. This program delivers. With two ways to search, you can be opening the next chart in the time it would have taken to find the big book. I tried 3 programs and settled on this one. It runs flawlessly – no crashes. The interface between ICDMeister and CPT®Meister is useful – especially for skin surgery – and works smoothly. I recommend these programs without reservation.”
Submitted by C.S., Family Medicine, Albuquerque, NM

"Your products have been a life saving force for me. I cannot see myself working in the office without them (once I even drove home to get my PDA - it would take me less time to do this than to look the codes up)."
Submitted by B.M., Internal Medicine, Roanoke Rapids, NC

"Some years ago, after using a number of resources for ICD-9 coding, I found ICDMeister unparalleled for providing ICD-9 codes at the point of care, in the exam room. Now I spend most of my time at a desk, with immediate access to my desktop computer and reference books. Still, I find ICDMeister on my Palm the fastest, most elegant resource for ICD-9 coding."
Submitted by E.M, MD, Regional Medical Officer, US Embassy - Riyadh

"ICDMeister is a big help, especially it was right after residency and start of the new practice. It saved me a lot of time in the office and gave opportunity to code right from the beginning. I will recommend it to anybody who wants to code right and have to learn something that nobody teaches in residency."
Submitted by AYG, MD, Family Medicine, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

"MeisterMed produces some of the most useful things for my medical practice. I use ICDMeister and CPT®Meister regularly and find them easy and fast to get accurate information from. My coding accuracy has improved dramatically (just ask my wife). The desktop version of ICDMeister is open on my computer every day.
Customer service and support is fast and excellent."
Submitted by B.S. Family Physician, Liberal, Kansas

"I use ICDMeister everyday in my patient care. Often I have a specific diagnosis in mind and no code exists on my office cheat sheet, or even if it is on the cheat sheet it takes too long to try to sort out which system someone has placed it in and then visually search the list. I can bring up ICDMeister in seconds, type in the diagnosis and presto!-there’s my ICD. I end up with much more specific codes that are more accurate in describing the diagnoses and, I believe, in supporting my billing. Physicians are responsible for diagnosing the patient. If we write in a non–specific ICD and our billing office enters something we did not intend, we are responsible for that being sent in to the insurance company; whenever possible I record the exact ICD-9 code number myself, instead of using words and ICDMeister makes it possible for me to do this.

I am often pulling it out when our medical assistants are trying to schedule a procedure and need the ICD for a diagnosis one of my colleagues has written out but has no code for-it makes everyone’s jobs easier having ICDMeister around. I have even considered buying a Palm for my assistant and loading ICDMeister on it so she can do the looking up herself."
Submitted by RWC, Family Physician, Madison, Wisconsin

"I have been using ICDMeister for the past two weeks and find the program extremely helpful....it enables me to code diagnoses much more easily and faster than referral to the monstrous manual....I heartily recommend it for all Family Practice physicians."
Submitted by J.B.H., South Pittsburg, Tennessee

"I have been using ICDMeister for several years, this latest edition is terrific. With the previous version, the search feature did not work well with my system Mac OS X 10.4.8, using a Palm Tungsten T-5. The current version is excellent and very efficient. I have not found any flaws. I was able to load the program without any problems. The tutorial video is well done and very helpful. Thanks for your products and your excellent, timely response to problems or questions." 
Submitted by SJK, Internal Medicine, Denver, Colorado

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