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Medical References for the Doctor on the Go
and the Home of the Series



Medical iSilo Depot
Medical References for your Palm OS or Pocket PC PDA



What is the Medical iSiloTM Depot?

The Medical iSiloTM Depot is a collection of medical documents created for use with the iSilo document reader.  These files were gathered by scouring the Internet for any and all available medical iSilo files.

Also, a few subjective comments have been included about the relative usefulness of each file and whether it makes good use of iSilo's functionality (hyperlinks, bookmarks, etc).  In addition, files which are demo versions of commercial applications have been evaluated for their value in their own right (ie. does the demo version itself contain enough useful information such that it might be worth keeping on one's PDA).  

Visitors are encouraged to submit comments about applications as well. 



What the Medical iSiloTM Depot is NOT

The Medical iSiloTM Depot has not reviewed included files for accuracy or quality.  It has been designed to serve as an unfiltered clearinghouse that includes medical files of both excellent and poor quality.  Please evaluate any files closely before using them to help guide your medical decisions.  Use these files at your own risk!

A number of Demo programs are listed amongst the files in the Medical iSiloTM Depot.  The complete (registered/purchased) versions of these files have not been evaluated.  All comments in the Medical iSiloTM Depot pertain only to the usefulness of the Demo versions.

Programs which are unauthorized copies of commercial references will not be included.  Text references which fail to make use of iSilo's formatting (ie. hyperlinks, bookmarks) to facilitate navigation are not included.




The large majority of the iSilo documents referenced in this section are the works of their creators and not of MeisterMed.  MeisterMed accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or quality of the included documents.

Listed comments about individual applications represent the opinions of the respective authors and do not necessarily represent the opinion of MeisterMed. 

MeisterMed respects intellectual property and copyrights and has excluded documents which clearly are in violation of copyright law.  If you believe any of the posted documents is in violation of your copyright, please contact the webmaster by clicking here.




Click here to let us know what you think about the Medical iSiloTM Depot.

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