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Available in versions for iPhone & iPod touch as well as any device that uses iSilo (PalmOS, PocketPC, Blackberry, Android, Symbian)

A fast and easy pediatric medication dosing tool.  Find the exact dose for your patient with a few taps.  Find drugs by brand name, generic name or class.  Choose a dose based on weight in kg, weight in lbs, or by age.  You'll love it.

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iSilo for iPhone

The iPhone has been a big hit.  The much-anticipated iSilo for iPhone is now available making all of your MeisterMed and Medical iSilo Depot references available to iPhone users.  Get it at Apple's Apps store.  It's at a special introductory price of $9.99 - a pittance considering all of the great medical iSilo documents you'll be able to use.

Here's a page to make downloading some of your favorite MeisterMed references easier.

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Click the image to see the
full resolution screenshot of
ICDMeister on the iPhone


ICDMeister Online now available

More than a year in the making, MeisterMed is pleased to announce the launch of ICDMeister Online, the web-based adaptation of our popular ICD-9 coding reference used on thousands of doctors' PDAs.

ICDMeister Online is made for doctors not for coders and includes many features you won't find in any other ICD-9 coding tool.  Check out more details, video demonstrations and tutorials, and sign up for a free trial at ICDMeister Online now. 

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User Comments:

  • "It's saved me hours every month."

  • "Intuitive, easy-to-learn and use"

  • "The best ICD coding tool that I've found"

  • "So easy to use that I'm having my staff find codes thereby saving me time"

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Topical Steroids - the latest MeisterMed QuickTool is now available

Easy to use, quick look-up tool that lets you find any topical steroid by potency/strength, formulation (ie. cream, lotion, gel, foam, etc.), brand or generic name, or by cost.

If you're a member of MeisterMed's mailing list you've already gotten an e-mail with the secret link to get this members-only content.  If you're not on our mailing list, sign up now (and confirm your address after you get our automated response) to get your copy.

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GAD-7: A Generalized Anxiety Disorder Assessment Tool
- MeisterMed's latest QuickTool

This simple tool for your PDA helps you guide your patient through a seven question survey that aids with the diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder.

Access is restricted to members of the free MeisterMed mailing list.  Join our mailing list today to get the GAD-7 QuickTool.

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Antibiotic Prophylaxis:
Another QuickTool from MeisterMed

We are proud to announce the release of the latest MeisterMed QuickTool!  Antibiotic Prophylaxis includes guidelines for endocarditis prophylaxis and for the prevention of prosthetic joint infections. 

It replaces our popular mini-reference Endocarditis Prophylaxis and now includes the American Heart Association's 2007 recommendations on preventing infective endocarditis.  The indications for using prophylactic antibiotics before dental procedures have been dramatically reduced. 

Get all the details in an easy to access version for your PDA with our free QuickTool.  Access is restricted to members of the free MeisterMed mailing list.  Join our mailing list today!

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iPhone users (and others using mobile web browsers) can now use LyteMeister

MeisterMed has published a version of LyteMeister - our popular electrolyte abnormality, ABG interpretation, and normal lab value reference - that is designed for access on the iPhone and other devices using mobile web access. 

If you are a mobile web user, point your browser to: www.MeisterMed.com/mobile to access LyteMeister

We're interested in learning more from our users who make use of mobile web browsing.  If you are one of them, tell us how we can best serve you by completing this brief survey.

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Your copies of DermMeister and Splinting Manual for PDA may have expired: Re-download them today!

If you've recently tried to open your copy of DermMeister or the Splinting Manual, you may have gotten a rude surprise in the form of an expiration message.  Most of MeisterMed's clinical references have built-in expiration dates.  This is done so that, in case errors are discovered or the clinical content becomes obsolete, our users don't continue using our products for 5 or 10 years with obsolete or inaccurate content.  Usually we set the expiration dates for a couple years from the date of release.  If we haven't made any changes, we'll post a new file with another expiration date a couple more years down the line.  Fortunately, if your references expired, all you need to do is re-download and re-install them now to get back up and running. 

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