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Medical References for the Doctor on the Go
and the Home of the Series



Available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android,
Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian, and
Windows & Mac Desktop/Laptop Computers

Fully Interlinked
with ICDMeister

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PCodeMeisterTM (short for ProcedureCodeMeister) is a coding reference based on the Physicians' Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes developed by the American Medical Association.  It is an iSilo document composed of more than 2,000 pages interwoven with 15,000+ hyperlinks to make locating the desired CPT codes fast and easy.


But PCodeMeisterTM not only includes all 8,000+ CPT codes updated for 2014 and their long procedural descriptions, it also includes lots of handy, additional, code-level information.

Palm OS screenshot
Requires 2.9 MB memory and
iSilo version 4.3 or later
Can operate from expansion card

iPhone screenshot


Some of the added information
included in

Relative Value Units

  • can be used to precisely calculate Medicare reimbursement for a given procedure based on your geographic area

Conscious Sedation indicator

  • identifies the procedures for which conscious sedation is included and cannot be billed separately unless provided by another clinician.

Global Codes

  • lists time frame of care included in the global reimbursement fee

Pre-operative / Intraoperative / Post-operative

  • defines the portion of the reimbursement included in the global fee that is attributable to each component of pre, intra, and post-op care. Useful for situations where one physician provides a portion of the patient's care.

Bilateral Procedures

  • defines payment adjustments indicated when a procedure is performed bilaterally

Multiple Procedures

  • defines payment adjustments indicated when multiple procedures are performed on the same day

Assistant Surgeon

  • indicates Medicare restrictions for paying an assistant surgeon for a given procedure


  • indicates procedures where two surgeons, each in a different specialty, may be paid

Team Surgeon

  • indicates procedures where team surgeons may be paid

Also Includes:

  • Descriptors of CPT Code Modifiers

  • A Guide to Choosing the Appropriate E&M Visit Code

*CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association

Meister is a trademark of and
PCodeMeister is a trademark and product of MeisterMed
Meister is not the AMA's trademark and 
PCodeMeister is not the AMA's product


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